I have had an okay few days. I can’t complain, God is good. I refuse to victimize myself and sulk. Someone always has it worse. Jesus still loves me, I have a family, friends, and a boyfriend that love me so much.

This week I received notifications on Jerry from his mom and dad. He’s not doing so well. I knew things weren’t going very well when Jerald told me that the tumor has spread down to his back through liquids. This is frustrating since it is in fact, a brain tumor. His mom told me that his ability to swallow medication and eat has diminished. The doctors don’t give him long. His mom said that even one doctor gave him two weeks. His dad sent electronic hugs and has immensely made me feel better. This weekend my parents visited Jerry and called me while they were there. Dad said that Jerald would probably not be able to talk on the phone. Mom said that I should seriously consider taking a few days, if I can, to go home and just be there for Jerry. I emailed my instructors to see if that is available. I am still taking time off, but if the professors do not approve I will be back by Thursday and Friday. So far, my Food Science, and Economics professors were cool and gave me the week off and ability to make up class points. I got my theatre group to approve. I just need AMDT 420, AMDT 212 (same professor), and Theatre.

I was speaking to my campus pastor, Pastor Joe, and giving a follow up on what we prayed for with Pastor Suzanne. God is so good. He answered what we prayed about. I am so blessed to have people interceding and taking time off of their prayer to pray for me. People from all over praying. I am so blessed and I cannot complain.

Jerald Update: He’s not in as much pain as he was, thanks to prayers. He is on a high dosage of medication. Please pray for healing over his body in this difficult time. Thank you so much for your thoughts and encouragement.


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  1. I was just looking at my followers and came across your blog….Man, you are a genuine inspiration! Jerald is certainly a battler, as are you!

    Thank you for being strong for yourself, for Jerald and for God. You certainly have inspired me through your words, which come out of your actions.

    Praying that Jerald is in God’s hand and that whatever God has in mind, will come to pass.

    Seriously….an inspiration!

  2. I’ll be praying for you.. I’m going through the same thing as well, but with a family member. God bless you and your family, and Jerald as well.

  3. A friend (Andrew) recently learned that he has 2 brain tumors. We prayed for him at church tonight, believing for healing. God is faithful, and He is the same yesterday, today and forever. 🙂

    My prayers are with you too! 🙂

    Lord, I pray for Yanira, for Jerald’s family, and for all who love him, that You would surround them with Your Presence and give them comfort, support and strength. I pray for Jerald to be healed, in Jesus Name – for complete, miraculous healing! I pray that all cancer and all illness that has been attacking Jerald’s body that they would all shrivel up and die – dissolve – and disappear completely! I pray for renewed strength for Jerald’s body and also for the complete restoration of his health. In Jesus Name, Amen.

  4. sagarika

    When in weakness God checks
    Our Strength and Patience
    Gal you are the strongest pillar for your Boyfriend, let God be always with You.

  5. Yanira, at great risk of being insensitive and am sorry for, I wish to say one thing in the way I know how. …What happens next? He is in less pain, but does this mean he is getting better, despite it previously spreading? Will the doctors continue giving him medication (which includes what, by the way?), and at what dosage; more, equal, or less? Has he been and continue to be bed ridden and deprived of the warmth from the unfiltered sun?…I wish to know what a typical day in Jerald’s life is like at the moment, how he lives…One thing of few about this situation that makes me sad is the notion that there is so much prayer, yet people (this goes for others, not particularly you) remain afraid of losing one another that they try so hard to keep the sick alive through human intervention with technology and medicine, rather than believe in a body that can heal itself by the miracle of God, whilst living in our natural comforts. Remember that we are only sad to not have that unique person in our mortal life, but the kingdom of God is far better, and ever lasting…
    One remaining option, which comes from my own opinion and desire for myself in a similar situation, would be to refuse most or all medicine (Can’t say I know what everyone does). No one should be extensively cooped up in a hospital room, but live a natural earthly life as best they can, allowing for the miracle, of and by God, to overtake them; life or death. I believe this is the way the body – and spirit – can heal itself.

    This next bit has less to do with my previous text block, but something has come to me that I find interesting, and works in tandem with what I have said. I have not been scouring the internet for this information. In order for our bodies to heal and live prosperously/comfortably, we must nourish it…These are more of preventive measures, maybe false hopes, or more propaganda, and maybe my fascination originates from rebelling against the current status quo.

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