Ecuador 2015 Fundraising Letter-English.001


This week will be very busy. It’s finals week. I also have to prepare to head to Ecuador this Saturday. I am so excited. This is my first missions trip and I have to much anticipation for what is in store. Finances are an issue, since I m supposed to raise about $2,200, and am about 1/10 there, but I am trusting in Gods timing and know that because I waited on God’s timing for a missions trip, he will prepare and provide. We will be in Ecuador, doing some workshops for some pastors and will later travel up to the mountains and help build a greenhouse for a small village that is in great need of help. I am so ready to serve and learn. I will be translating, since I am fluent in Spanish and English. We will be going to an indigenous village where the children are fluent in Spanish and their native language, when their parents do not speak much Spanish and only their native language.  My prayer is for God to do something great in our team.

Please join me in prayer. I am asking for your support of my trip, whether it be financial contribution or through prayer. No contribution is too small. This mission’s trip is hosted by Living Faith Fellowship church in Pullman WA, you can send your donations on line.

I also have a GOFUND ME!


Church Mission Info:



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